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This blog is a diary and about a cooperation between Flemming Tvede Hansen(Ph.D-Scholar, DKDS) and Marcin Ignac (CIID/DKDS).

The cooperation is based on an idea by Flemming about a dynamic designtool and Marcin's skills for programming in "Processing".

This cooperation was initiated 10 October 2008.

21. October A sketch from which we discuss the idea:

DesignToolPosted by flemming Tue, November 25, 2008 22:25:47

Using the wii remote to capture 3d movements in a virtual 3d space might be simple if it is to draw a simple line, but what if the movements are expressed with a more dynamic behaviour like for instance cubes growing in size emerging from origin (position of the wii) in a spiral like way. The cubes could die after they had reached a certain size.

The point is that we could interact in real time with the emerging geometry, which somehow would reflect the speed of the movement.

The growing sculpture should be possible to freeze at a chosen stage, which would be the basis for a 3d print.


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