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This blog is a diary and about a cooperation between Flemming Tvede Hansen(Ph.D-Scholar, DKDS) and Marcin Ignac (CIID/DKDS).

The cooperation is based on an idea by Flemming about a dynamic designtool and Marcin's skills for programming in "Processing".

This cooperation was initiated 10 October 2008.

22 January 2009: Summary and further experiments

DesignToolPosted by flemming Mon, January 26, 2009 12:56:12
By way of introduction I would like to ask you if following could be changed easily for testing 3d printing:
The geometry is now cubes. Is it possible to have the possibility to choose geometry such as spheres as well? Or simply just spheres? I think the expression will be more organic.
Can you invert the size from growing to reducing, but keep the possibility to choose maximum and minimum size? Can the minimum size be even smaller?

We have two overall issues:
1. Is it possible to develop the use of the wii as device before the deadline for paper submission or should we focus on the development of issue 2?
2. Improve the emerging geometry.
Issues about how the emerging geometry emerges and can be improved can be divided into two sections. One has to do with the geometry which is growing, here named A (that’s how it is in the latest version,) another (a new idea) has to do with the size of the geometry, which rely on the speed of the movement by the hand, here named B.
You have talked about the possibility to somehow pull the geometry according to the movement relied on the speed, so the geometry will deform or extrude…it was quite interesting, - the expression will be more organic…can it be realized? I think I found a certain degree of that in the first version (2d) using balls and in the example figure 1 as well. Can the accelerator in the wii, be utilized regarding this issue?
I still think it is a good idea to test different patterns for how the geometry emerges such as in a spiral, double spiral or random. Right now the geometry emerges as a simple track similar to the movement. Can we have the possibility to choose between different patters?
Example figure 1:

This is another tool and maybe this one can be developed from A? In this tool the size of the emerging geometry relies on the speed of the movement of the hand such as in the example in figure 2? In this example it should not grow/reduce in size, but the tool should contain“behaviour” of the emerged geometry.
Example figure 2: and
Can the emerged geometry have a behaviour (unpredictable) with which we can interact?
Examples of behaviour can be:
1. .
Do you have any ideas?
How to interact?
The constellation with its behaviour could have a leader, which follow our position/cursor/origin. In that sense it is somehow a chain. The speed of the behaviour could change according our movement and become more or less lively. Geometry could be produced while pushing the mouse button and we could interact when not pushing?
Do you have any ideas for this issue?

A is more straight ahead I guess and a further development on the previous version. And maybe the one for further improvement right now, but if it is possible to mix ideas from B into it, it could be fun.
What do you think?

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