About this blog

This blog is a diary and about a cooperation between Flemming Tvede Hansen(Ph.D-Scholar, DKDS) and Marcin Ignac (CIID/DKDS).

The cooperation is based on an idea by Flemming about a dynamic designtool and Marcin's skills for programming in "Processing".

This cooperation was initiated 10 October 2008.

20 March 2009: Experiments with the wii and new parametres

DesignToolPosted by flemming Thu, March 26, 2009 17:18:12

Thanks to Marcin for his enthusiams and great effort regarding this experiment. The wii is working and new parametres has been added. A dynamic and generative system is defined by emerging 3d geometries which respond to speed. The size of geometry and the distance between the geometries reflects the speed of the movement of the hand with the wii remote. Furthermore at the same time the geometry can be affected by the movements of the hand by being repelled or attracted.

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