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This blog is a diary and about a cooperation between Flemming Tvede Hansen(Ph.D-Scholar, DKDS) and Marcin Ignac (CIID/DKDS).

The cooperation is based on an idea by Flemming about a dynamic designtool and Marcin's skills for programming in "Processing".

This cooperation was initiated 10 October 2008.

6. November Request From Flemming

DesignToolPosted by flemming Tue, November 25, 2008 22:53:25

1. Parameter, which can control the speed of the growth of the geometry 2. Parameter, which can control the size (e.g. min/max in a range between 1-10?) of the geometry.

3. Parameter of a "wind/gravity force" left –right and up-down (e.g. min/max in a range between 1-10?) 4. Right now, - when pushing down the mouse button and the mouse kept in the same position- the geometry is growing stationary from the origin of the position. If possible following rules of the growing could be added as possibilities:

A: the cubes emerge from origin but in a spiral pattern in the x-y plan.

B: like A, but with two spirals in opposite directions.

C: several of cubes emerge and grow from the origin in all direction (linear) at the same time in the x-y plan.

5. Possibility to "freeze" the growing/movement at a mouse/wii button.

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