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This blog is a diary and about a cooperation between Flemming Tvede Hansen(Ph.D-Scholar, DKDS) and Marcin Ignac (CIID/DKDS).

The cooperation is based on an idea by Flemming about a dynamic designtool and Marcin's skills for programming in "Processing".

This cooperation was initiated 10 October 2008.

10 November Question: 3d version and wii as device, or new modes?

DesignToolPosted by flemming Tue, November 25, 2008 23:08:56

I wonder if the further step, - dealing with a 3d virtual space and the use of the wii, - will make limitations or disable some of the existing or upcoming modes - or if it is easily converted?

So will the right step be to continue and add e.g. the emitter modes in this 2d version (and perhaps other modes) or will it be more rational to continue in a 3d version with the wii and the possibility to save an obj.?

In relation to the 3d printing it could be a good idea to test it soon as possible. The geometry might be very complex since it is produced by several of geometries e.g. a row of cubes. I guess this is a matter of how the obj.file is saved. E.g. if two or several geometries are overlapping, - will they be saved with all the hidden geometries or just by what's seen from the "outside"? The last version is to prefer...

If modes are easily added, I think of course it's great. But if it needs a lot of effort I suggest we take a break with further modes and concentrate on the 3d version with the possibility of saving an obj. and the use of the wii, - since that's a quite radical and important step. If we can't succeed in that, it will be a shame to have used a lot of energy in making further modes and parameters; - also I am just quite excited to test it for 3d printing.

What do you think?

(Following is just an idea of a mode I want to share:

1. If a geometry collides with another geometry, the collided geometry will change geometry e.g. from cube to sphere or opposite. Since the geometries are produced in a row and then would change immediately, I suggest following:

Geometries are produced in a row (when keeping down the mouse button), if paused a new row is produced. It is when geometries from two different "rows" collides they will change geometry.)

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